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Banks of the Susquehanna

by Brian Clough

The Delaware and Hudson railroad crosses the Susquehanna river, at Colliersville, NY

The PRR Rockville Bridge crosses the Susquehanna, north of Harisburg, PA

The Susquehanna river runs from Cooperstown New York, to the head of the Chessapeke Bay, at Perryville Maryland. In between, it passes through some of the most scenic regions of the northeastern United States. These areas include some significant to the history of US railroading.

In the future, I hope to add to this site, with information about places and events that illustrate the Susquehanna Valley's significance in railroad history.

Currently there are three sections to this site, devoted to the railroad clip-art that I've drawn over the last few years. Those pages are...

Train Gifs These are small images, suitable for web page cecoration and animated scenes. This is my older work.
MM Screensaver images intended for use with Martin Meyer's Railroad Screensaver. These are drawn to a slightly larger scale, with higher capacity for detail. They're also newer, and I still occasionally add to this series as well.
The Javascript Project In addition to the clipart images themselves, I've also created a set of Javascript functions, intended to allow web page authors to create animated scenes, like the one below.

I'm curently unemployed, as documented in a recent article in The Boston Globe ( 2003 The Boston Globe).

If you'd like, you can see my Resume in PDF format.

UPDATE: 6/2/03 I've just started my new job at Keil Software in Plano TX. I'm even buying a house! More on that later.


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